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Dragon Quest VI Outpaces Predecessors

Latest remake sells close to a million in first week.


Square Enix announced a one million shipped figure for Dragon Quest VI last week. But how many copies did the game actually sell?

Enterbrain came through with that answer today. According to Famitsu.com, early Enterbrain stats for the game put first week sales at 909,981 units. Enterbrain's tracking period ended on the 31st, giving the game four days of sales.

DQVI's is off to a much faster start than the remakes of previous entries in the "Tenku Series" trilogy. DQIV, released January 22, 2007, sold 602,000 units in its first week. DQV, released July 17, 2008, sold 679,000 units.

Different from those games, this is the first time DQVI has ever seen a port or remake.

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