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Capcom Outlines Game Plan

Profits and sales up, but company expects slowdown due to lack of major releases.

One of Capcom's biggest titles of the year, Monster Hunter 3.

Capcom shared its third quarter earnings report today and also provided an updated look at its plans for the rest of the year.

For the nine months ending December 2009, sales reached 49,987 million yen, up from the previous year's 47,223 million. Operating income was up, to 4,817 million yen, well above the previous year's 2,613 million.

The company cited strong sales of Monster Hunter as well as strong performance in the first half of the current fiscal year as reason for the higher figures. As low performers, the company mentioned Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles and Okami, both for Wii.

Monster Hunter was the company's biggest performer over the first three quarters. Monster Hunter 3 has sold a total of 1.15 million units; it was released on August 1. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite sold 1.15 million over the nine months, of which 200,000 comes from America and 250,000 from Europe. Resident Evil 5 sold 850,000 units.

For the fourth quarter, ending March 2010, the company said to expect a drop in sales due to the strategic postponement in the introduction of major titles. The only titles mentioned in the company's sales plans are Dark Void, with 600,000 units planned for North America and Europe, and Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (Alternative Edition), with 350,000 units planned across the world.

Looking forward even further to fiscal 2011, the company listed Street Fighter IV, Monster Hunter 3's overseas release, Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 among its major titles. These were all listed with their previously announced dates. Dead Rising 2 is set for calendar 2010 worldwide.

The company promised to spread the release of major titles across all four quarters.

You can see more on Capcom's earnings and upcoming plans at the company's investor relations page.

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