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Iwata Discusses Wii and DS Successor Confusion

Nintendo CEO never made statements about high resolution DS.


During a Q&A session at a recent investors meeting, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was asked about Nintendo's upcoming hardware plans. Iwata's response was simply that Nintendo has R&D divisions for both portable and console hardware and these divisions are of course conducting research into subsequent hardware. However, he said that he would not speak about what kind of product Nintendo will be releasing next.

As part of his response to this question, Iwata also chose to clarify recent reports about a high definition DS that appeared in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

In early January, Asahi reported Iwata as having stating that a DS followup system would need to have high resolution image support and a system in place for detecting player motions. This, according to Iwata, is not actually what he said.

According to Iwata, the reporter conducting the interview asked "The next DS will need to have high resolution graphics and include a motion sensor, wouldn't you say?" Iwata's response was, "Those are naturally considered requirements. However, do you believe it will sell with just this?"

The paper apparently skipped out on printing the last part of Iwata's statement, something that Iwata feels changed the meaning a bit.

During the investors Q&A session, Iwata was also asked a question about Wii HD -- specifically, a Wii that will support HD televisions. Iwata denied having ever spoken of a Wii HD, and said that he's wondering where the information came form

Said Iwata on the updated Wii: "If asked if making the Wii compatible with high definition -- just making it compatible with high resolution -- will get players throughout the world to buy it, I would of course say, 'Do you think it would sell with just that? It needs something new.'"

Iwata finished up his response about new hardware with: "If there were no rival makers in the world, I'd could give examples of the things that we are considering. However, for competitive reasons, I cannot give specifics today on the what or when of the things we're considering."

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