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Closer Look at the Dead or Alive Paradise Bonus Item

Naked Kasumi getting closer.


Here's an image showing off the Dead or Alive Paradise bonus items:

The super ultra mega limited edition of the game includes a special Kasumi figure, the DOA Secret Picture Collection, and the Secretly Live Recorded Voice & Soundtrack CD.

What makes the Kasumi figure so special is something that's not shown in the above pic. Her bikini is apparently swappable between two different sets. Which, of course, means NAKED KASUMI YES!

The chance at seeing the DOA poster girl completely nekked could explain why the figure set costs ¥15,729. The standard limited edition, known as the "Secret Paradise Box," runs a more modest ¥7,329.

And for those who are content with the DOA girls trapped inside a UMD, the game by itself runs ¥5,229.

The DOA Paradise logo is flowery.

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