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New PSP is Sweet and Pink

Sony teams with fashion designer Jill Stuart for Spring bundle.


Sony already announced its limited edition Blossom Pink PSP system for release on March 4. Today, it announced a couple of bundles.

Most notable is the PlayStation Portable Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package. Designed as a collaborative item with fashion designer Jill Stuart, the bundle includes a Blossom Pink PSP, a 4 gigabyte Memory Stick Pro Duo, and an original Jill Stuart pouch and cloth. The pouch is champaign gold and features a chain with crystals. The cloth and box have the Jill Stuart logo imprinted in silver. Pricing for the bundle is set at ¥21,000.

Sony will be holding a series of cross promotions coinciding with the Jill Stuart PSP's release. The product will be on display both at the Osaka Jill Stuart Cafe, which opened in November of last year, and at the 10th Tokyo Girls Collection, a fashion festival that will be held on March 6 at Yokohama Arena.

Those who want a pink PSP but can do without the Jill Stuart goods can look forward to the Blossom Pink Value Pack, also announced today by Sony. Priced at ¥19,800, this includes a 4GB Memory Stick Pro duo and special colored pouches meant to match the special system.

Sony also announced that it will be releasing Value Pack versions of the system's current Piano Black and Vibrant Blue color variations. These will available in limited quantities at ¥19,800.

All this PSP variety arrives on March 4.

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