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PS3, Xbox 360 NieR Arrive Simultaneously

Two versions to share release date, price and bonus item.


Square Enix announce today a final release date for NieR. Both of them! NieR Gestalt, on Xbox 360, will arrive on April 22. So will NieR Replicant on PS3.

The two NieRs differ in various ways. While Square Enix hasn't been totally clear on the matter, the most obvious difference appears to be in the character settings. In the PS3 version, you play as a young NieR out to save his younger sister. The Xbox 360 version has players control an older NieR, out to save his daughter.

This is Gestalt... I think.
This is Replicant... I think.

Both versions will sell for ¥7,800.

In addition to the date and price, they'll also share the same pre-order bonus, the "NieR Premium Mini Album." This features selections of the music from both games along with an original arranged bonus track that's not included in the games. Specifics on the album will be shared in a future update.

This is the bonus item... I think.

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