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One Year Later: Where's My Damn DoDonPachi Patch?

5pb. runs into more technical hurdles in troubled Xbox 360 bullet hell port.


Not that I actually have the game or anything. After all, I wrote this masterpiece at IGNDC, so it's possible that I don't "get" the bullet hell genre.

But for the people who rushed to buy DoDonPachi on Xbox 360 and are still holding out for the patch that 5pb. promised after pulling the game from shelves a month following release, here's an update.

As posted at the 5pb. official site on the 2nd: "Regarding the availability of the DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label Extra title update, this was originally planned for mid January 2010. However, some technical issues have appeared, and we're at present investigating a solution with Microsoft."

I haven't been totally keeping up, but the last time I wrote about DoDonPachi Gate was in November of last year when Arika CEO Ichiro Mihara said that an investigation had yielded 27 major bugs for the game.

Arika is supposedly overseeing the 360 fixes. But Mihara is apparently lagging behind as far as information goes. Following 5pb.'s notice, Mihara made a blog post asking that 5pb. tell him the next time they issue an update on the game's status.

5pb. didn't specify the exact nature of the technical hurdles that they encountered this time. But we know what it is: all the bullets.

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