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Hideo Kojima on Peace Walker and the Future of Gaming

Metal Gear creator expects 3D televisions to become the standard and bring about changes to game direction.

Hideo Kojima at a Peace Walker recording session.

Metal Gear series producer, director, writer and everything man Hideo Kojima has big plans for the future, but still seems to have his sights set on the now. In a recent interview, Weekly Famitsu asked Kojima if he wants to get to work on software for the new generation. Kojima's response was, "We will work on software for new generation systems. However, this seems to be a bit far off. For now, I'd like to make Peace Walker into a solid title and get many people to play it."

This was the only next generation talk from Kojima in the interview, where the focus was on the year that was and the year to come.

For Kojima Productions, 2009 was a year of many announcements, but no new releases. The only release, noted Kojima, was the budget version of Metal Gear Solid 4. Said Kojima, "2009 was the year that we prepared many things. The results will be shown between this year and next year, so at present I can't look back and give a review for 2009."

The first of those results will, of course, be Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. Kojima noted that Peace Walker has so many new elements that it's hard to describe what type of game it is. "It's a game unlike any before it, so I believe you will incur shock when you play it."

It looks like players can expect a lengthy experience from Peace Walker. The story alone is so long that the past Metal Gear titles cannot compare, said Kojima. The main mission and the Mother Base management portion of the game are tied together, so the updates to Mother Base are reflected in the missions. There are also missions that have no relation to the story, as well as co-op and competitive play.

"Everything you can think of is in there," said Kojima.

The magazine asked Kojima to share his expectations for 2010. "This year, good games from overseas will further increase," said Kojima. "Kojima Productions is a global studio, so there will be no change in our competing against the world. However, I believe this will be the year that we set a direction."

By "direction," Kojima refers to two possible directions that Japanese studios can take for competing on the world stage. One is to make games that are tailored to overseas tastes. The other is to make a product that only they can make and put it out there to compete.

Getting a bit less abstract, Kojima said, "2010 will be an extremely important year for the game industry. There's the PlayStation 3 Motion Controller and Xbox 360's Natal. I believe 3D televisions will become the future standard, so game direction should change greatly."

[additional reporting by Ryan Winterhalter]

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