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Some Mega Man 10 Goods For You?

Support your play experience with this cushion and soundtrack.


Mega Man 10 arrives in March. But before making the download and locking yourself in for a weekend of tough platforming (or easy platforming if you select the new easy mode), make sure you have the latest Mega Man goods.

An absolute must for the true Mega Man player is the "Dodeka! E-Can Cushion." "Dodeka" can be translated to "Good lord that's huge!"

This cushion, designed in the image of the game's E-Can recovery item, is 30x30cm. Set for release in early March, the cushion will run ¥2,625.

When you've decided to give your eyes and fingers a break, you can still continue to listen to Mega Man 10 by picking up the game's original soundtrack.

Set for release in March, this 46 track one disc soundtrack includes a 12 page full color booklet and is priced at ¥2,500. Those who pre-order will get the Inti Bonus Disc Vol.1 disc as a freebie.

Other previously announced items include Mega Man and Bruce figures and the E-Can Drink sports drink. See Capcom's items page for details.

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