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Sega Planning Yakuza 4 Retail Demo Event

Sample the new Gotoku about a month in advance.


Yakuza 4's March 18 release is fast approaching. But Sega has yet to give players a chance to play it.

That's going to change shortly. Sega will be holding a series of retail demo events, taking the game across Japan leading up to release.

The events kick off on the 20th at various locations throughout Tokyo. 4gamer has Sega's official schedule for those who need specific locations.

Joining the event schedule, Sega shared a look at the Yakuza 4 box:

The cover art depicts the game's four heroes, along with the supporting cast. Different from past Yakuza games, which put players in control exclusively of main character Kazuma Kiryu, players will trade off between Kazuma and three others this time.

Sega held a similar retail demo event for Yakuza 3 ahead of its release. That demo event was followed by a downloadable demo.

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