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Super SFIV e-Capcom Bonuses Detailed

Plus, hints at some surprises for the upcoming national tournament.


Capcom has thus far kept quiet on the details for the Super Street Fighter IV e-Capcom limited edition. Today, the Super SFIV official blog was updated with those details.

e-Capcom buyers will be able to buy four different flavors of Super SFIV:

Standard Super SFIV Game
As previously detailed, the PS3 and 360 versions cost ¥4,990.
Collectors Package
As previously detailed, this includes a DVD with most of the previously released PVs for Street Fighter IV and Super, along with a soundtrack CD with all character theme songs. This is priced at ¥5,990.
Normal Version + e-Capcom Special Bonus
Includes the standard SFIV game and some e-Capcom bonus items. I'm not sure of the price for this one.
Super Street Fighter IV e-Capcom Limited Edition (Collectors Package Ver.)
This includes the Collectors Package and some e-Capcom bonus items. Pricing is set at ¥7,490.

So what are those e-Capcom bonus items? The blog provides first details.

First up is a command and combo chart which includes, for each character, a command list and selected combos. This is set up like a desktop calendar, allowing you to flip to the page for your current character.

Capcom is also throwing in an e-Capcom Special DVD. This includes videos showing play of the trial menu. The videos show both the joystick being manipulated and actual gameplay footage, allowing players to see how to pull off the tricky trial menu sequences. According to the blog, they're not sure yet if they'll be able to get all 24 characters in there, but at the very least, the more difficult trials will be included.

The e-Capcom Special DVD will also include additional videos showing famous SFIV players having a go at Super's new characters. Further details on this will be shared in a future update.

In addition to the e-Capcom info, the blog makes mention of the upcoming SFIV national tournament. It appears that in addition to the tournament for the arcade version and the playable kiosks for Super SFIV, Capcom will have something else at the event. We're going to have to wait for the details.

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