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Star Ocean 4 Producer Takes Stealth Jab at Xbox 360

Take that, limited DVD storage!


Star Ocean 4 Last Hope International saw release yesterday, at last allowing PlayStation 3 owners to experience the RPG epic that Xbox 360 owners got to play nearly a year ago.

Dengeki covered the game's release with an interview with producer Yoshinori Yamagishi. What's unique about this interview is that the site's readers were the ones asking the questions.

One of the more interesting questions and responses came towards the end of the interview:

Reader: "For this version as well, were there any areas that you were forced to delete due to memory capacity and other things?"

Yamagishi: "If 'this version' means the PS3 version, there was nothing deleted."

Take that, Xbox 360's limited storage capacity due to DVD format!

Does this possible jab at Xbox 360 from Yamagishi infuriate you as a Star Ocean fan who pitched his tent in Microsoft's camp? Well then, here's a response you might like:

Reader: "About SO4I being the last entry in the series, is it really true that new titles will no longer be developed?"

Yamagishi: "I really don't know if a new title will or will not be made. If a request for production comes in from tri-Ace it probably will be made. However, at the very least, I don't think I'll be dealing with the series."

It seems that Yamagishi, who may very well be a closet Xbox 360 hater, will no longer be dealing with the Star Ocean series.

Yamagishi is more confident about one thing. For Star Ocean 3, Square Enix released a Directors Cut, which updated the game in various ways. It looks like there won't be such a release for SO4I. Said Yamagishi in response to a reader question about a possible re-release, "There is absolutely no plan for development."

Since you're here anyway, be sure and view some official media that Square Enix released for Star Ocean 4 International yesterday.

First, some full resolution screens, arranged in a confusing array of varying sizes. Perhaps you can use these for comparisons with the Xbox 360 version?

Next, some official videos. These show the intro, the opening, and a battle.




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