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So why does Resident Evil 5's Sheva have a Little Red Riding Hood costume?

Producer Yasuhiro Anpo reveals that Capcom's dev staffers may not be a bunch of dirty old men.



There were two possibilities to explain why Resident Evil 5's Sheva is getting a Little Red Riding Hood costume for Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. Either the RE5 dev staff has been spending too much time with the Dream Club dev staff, or they're just a bunch of dirty old men.

It turns out that neither of these explanations are correct. Well, they could very well be correct, but there's another reason for the Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Producer Yasuhiro Anpo explains in the latest entry at the RE5 Gold Edition development blog that the outfit was chosen because of the tastes and interests of the game's assistant producer, Mie Suzuki. He notes that Suzuki is a girl. From a female's perspective, it's a cute costume, says Anpo. (See some RE5 Gold Edition commentary from Suzuki.)

The blog post is all about costumes, focused mostly on Sheva.

Gold Edition gives Sheva an office lady costume as well. This, says Anpo, came as a natural course of Sheva's sexiness.

In the main RE5, they offered an "Amazoness" costume for the character. This, according to Anpo, was the ultimate in fan service from the development staff; if they'd gone any further, the CERO ratings board may not have allowed it.

The office lady costume was decided on when the development staff was working on the PC version and asked what they'd like to see next for the character. Anpo notes, however, that Capcom's development staff dresses casually, so there may be a bit of fantasy in the costume.

(In my experience, real business suits have much longer skirts. Unless you're watching porn.)

As for Chris's costumes, Anpo admitted that in coming up with cool costumes that matched the character's "macho" physique, they went through many tests and had even more trouble than they had with Sheva's costumes.

There are still two additional Mercenaries Reunion characters set to be unveiled. Will these be more Chris and Sheva variations, or is Capcom holding off for separate characters? RE5 Gold Edition hits in a couple of weeks, so expect to get the answer shortly.

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