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Get Set for a 200 Yen RPG

Sonic Powered readying episodic action RPG for DSi Ware next week.


DSi Ware is getting an action RPG next week. Is publisher Sonic Powered going to be making use of Nintendo's rarely used premium pricing category for From The Abyss?

Nope! This sucka's going to sell for just 200 DSi Points!

Fully titled From the Abyss: Anonymous Notes, this action RPG appears to be a DSi Ware adaptation of Sonic's retail DS RPG From the Abyss

Sonic has yet to open an official site for the DSi Ware version, but Nintendo's information page has some details. Like the full DS version, the DSi Ware version places you in randomly generated dungeons. Making use of your "Soul Capture" attack, which lets you steal the skills and magic from enemies, you'll have to work your way into the depths of the dungeons, where a powerful boss awaits. You can also power up your character by combining skills and equipment in various ways.

It's unclear how similar the DSi Ware version of From the Abyss will be to the retail version. But it should be pretty obvious that Sonic won't be compressing a full DS cart into a 200 DSi Point download. Nintendo's official site refers to the game as just the "first chapter." This presumably means that more chapters will follow, assuming DSi owners buy into the idea of an episodic RPG.

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