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God Eater has a neat bug

God Eater? More like God Cheater! Ha ha ha ha ha!


God Eater's demo was downloaded 1.5 million times. This probably makes it one of Namco Bandai's big releases for the year. Big enough to be thoroughly bug checked? Naaaah!

Following the game's release on Thursday, word began to spread about a major bug in the game. Not the annoying kind of bug that randomly deletes your save data, though. This is the totally neat kind of bug that lets you cheat, cheat, cheat your way to infinite buying power.

Apparently, the game's General Store shop sells a certain item for 50fc ("fc" is the game's currency). This item can be sold for 100 fc at the very same shop. The result? Net fcs!

Hachimaki confirmed the bug for itself, apparently by playing until 7:00 in the morning (NOTE: thing about playing until 7:00 is supposed to be a secret).

This was Hachimaki's starting point:

And this was its ending point:

1,790fc went to 1,000,020fc in a few hours of tinkering.

Based off Hachimaki's screens, it appears that there are a bunch of items that sell for more than their purchase price. The above item, a weapon known as "Kankakutai," has the greatest cheat-profit ratio.

I wonder if Namco Bandai will offer a fix. Actually, I wonder if anyone will download the fix that Namco Bandai inevitably offers.

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