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Check out These Bite-sized Chunks of Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Combos

But don't look at the official site, cuz then you'll know that videos of all the ultra combos are already there.


This article is of interest to you only if you're into Super Street Fighter IV and weren't aware that the official site already has videos and screens of all the Ultra Combos. Everyone else, go away.

Since you're reading this, you probably haven't head that Capcom has updated Street Fighter for modern times with Street Fighter IV. That game is getting a console-only followup, Super Street Fighter IV. The followup adds new characters and ups the selectable Ultra Combo move count for each character to two.

Today, Capcom shared official media for a few of the ultra combos.

First up, screens for Juri, T.Hawk and DeeJay:


Feng Shui Engine

Before unleashing the power of that crystal thing in her left eye (this is her Feng Shui Engine), Juri sticks her tongue out (you'll recall that there's somewhat of an erotic setting to the character) and says something like "Play time is over." After unleashing the move, you're able to perform chain combos with your standard skills and cancel uncancellable moves with your special attacks.

Kaisen Dankairaku Juri's spin kicks lift the enemy up into the air. She then darts back to the ground ahead of her opponent so that she can leap up and kick them in the nuts as they fall back. She finishes by taunting them with "That felt good, didn't it?"


Raging Typhoon T.Hawk grabs his opponent, leaps into the air while shouting "Raging Typhoon" in a Japanese accent, smashes the opponent into the ground, then falls back down onto the opponent. I'm pretty sure he finishes by calling his enemy a ho, although I may be misunderstanding.

Raging Slash

T.Hawk jumps and grabs a mid-air opponent, smashes the opponent back and forth against the ground, spins the opponent around, then, while shouting "Raging Slash" in a Japanese accent, smashes the opponent one last time against the ground.


Sobat Festival

DeeJay performs a series of acrobatic kicks and finishes with a giant shock wave. Nothing special here.

Climax Speed

Deejay shakes his sambas, uppercuts his opponent, then performs a two-handed Machine Gun Upper (The reason they call this a "Machine Gun Upper" should be obvious).
And here are videos showing the two Ultras for five of the characters.

Ryu: Metsu Hadouken, Metsu Shoryuken


C.Viper: Burst Time, Burning Dance


Cammy: Gyro Drive Smasher, CQC


T.Hawk: Raging Typhoon, Raging Slash


DeeJay: Sobat Festival, Climax Speed

[video] I'm certain that Capcom will provide more official media in a future update, but if you can't wait, you can see all there is to see about the ultra combos at the official site.

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