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Fist of the North Star Musou Gets Downloadable Costume Bonus

Plus, the Treasure Box goodies detailed.


Fist of the North Star's collision course with Dynasty Warriors is happening on March 25. With less than two months until Hokuto Musou's release, Koei was good enough today to share details on just what's going into the pricey Treasure Box bundle that will be released alongside the more sensibly priced standard edition.

The Treasure Box, limited as always to a single print run, will include three items:

  • Character Voice Clock
  • Original Soundtrack For Treasure Box
  • Visual Story Book

These are all exclusive items for the Treasure Box. You won't be able to obtain them elsewhere.

Pricing for the Treasure Box is set at ¥13,440.

Those who pay the ¥8,190 for the standard version of the game also have some bonus content to look forward to. Pre-orders for any version of the game include a Fist of the North Star Musou business card case.

Act fast and get the first print run of the game and you'll get a download code that puts Kenshiro in his clothing from the comic. Koei provided an image illustrating what this means:

Yes, this does appear to confirm download content for the game, although Koei technically hasn't announced further DLC.

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