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Gooch Wants Last Story to Blossom Like a Flower

Yes, I'm going to keep on writing about every single Sakaguchi blog post.


Hironobu Sakaguchi's last two posts at the Mistwalker blog have been about, respectively, his obsession with sound equipment and flowers.

He managed to get through the post about sound equipment without mentioning The Last Story. You should still read the post anyway, in case you were worried about The Gooch's financial situation.

The other post, titled Camellia, is about how one of Sakaguchi's camellias bloomed one day. This apparently surprised him, as his flower arranging teacher had told him that this particular camellia would definitely not open.

Writes Sakaguchi: "I don't really do fortune-telling and I am not superstitious, but at this moment I thought 'I want The Last Story to bloom like this as well.'"

He's not concerned about the recently announced Wii RPG, though. "It’s almost complete and has my full satisfaction," writes Sakaguchi.

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