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BlazBlue Continuum Shift Confirmed

Arc System Works details new characters and modes for arcade to console port.

Screen from the arcade version of Continuum Shift shows two of the newly playable characters.

Famitsu confirmed its "oops" leak from last week with a full four page spread this week covering a home console version of BlazBlue Continuum Shift. As expected, the arcade-to-home port of the BlazBlue sequel is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360.

The arcade version of Continuum Shift hit arcades in November of last year, and brought with it new playable characters like Tsubaki Yayoi and Hazama as well as balance and move adjustments for the current cast. Of course, the HD 2D visuals for which the original was known returned for the sequel, which ran on the Taito Type X-2 arcade board.

For the home version, in addition to all the features from the arcade version, Arc System Works is adding a new character, u-12 (myu-12), as well as some original stages. Players will also have access to a Beginners Mode, which simplifies move input, allowing you to perform supers and throws with a single button press.

As listed in the magazine, the mode lineup for the home version includes:

Learn everything from the basics of fighting games through BlazBlue-specific systems. This mode features full voice.
Enjoy the story from the arcade version.
Face off against a friend or the CPU.
Score Attack
Fifteen consecutive rounds of combat to achieve as high a score as possible.
Freely practice your moves.
Try out character-specific missions.
Attempt to defeat enemies on a map.
Enjoy combat and character-specific stories. The game includes over 28 scenarios.
A gallery for event movies, BGM, and voices.
Replay Theater
Manage and view network battle replay data.
Enjoy online combat. Compatible with rankings and replay viewing. The game's producer mentioned in a short commentary blurb that the game's network component will be beefed up and made more user friendly.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift is currently 60% complete and is set for Summer release.

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