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Sakaguchi Sees Dragons in the Clouds Above Hawaii

Latest Last Story blog post makes mention of mystery Mr. M.


This is a picture Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi took one recent morning:

And this is what he managed to see in the picture:

Yes, the creator of Blue Dragon sees dragons in the clouds above Hawaii.

Joining Sakaguchi's latest photography work, the latest post at the Mistwalker blog makes a few vague references to Sakaguchi's latest project, The Last Story.

Apparently, at around 21:00 Japan time yesterday, Sakaguchi was chatting with a Mr. M. on the development staff. The conversation centered around the latter areas of the game, a moment of "quiet" or "stillness" during the battles. They began speaking about the game's magic growth system, and continued to speak until they'd reached the user interface and control aspects of that system.

They debated deeply on issues, a process that Sakaguchi found fun. He was driven to think to himself that he likes making games. He also noted that he and Mr. M. make a perfect match. They're able to speak heatedly while keeping a calm side. He remarked that he thanks Mr. M. for his enthusiasm, and added that he bows his head to the zeal of the entire staff. This is what gives life to The Last Story.

I have to admit that it can be quite difficult sometimes to figure out what Sakaguchi's blog says without knowing what Sakaguchi is trying to say in the first place. Mistwalker's official translator (or perhaps it's Sakaguchi himself?) shouldn't have that problem, so I'd suggest waiting for an official English version of this post to appear at the site within the next couple of days if you want to see what Sakaguchi is really talking about in this post.

Just think, once March comes around, we'll be getting an actual development blog at the Last Story official site.

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