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Marvelous Brings Overseas WiiWare Games to Japan

Publisher starts new label to localize overseas download titles.


We've seen a number of publishers step up to release unnoticed overseas package games to the Japanese market. Marvelous is doing something similar with its new label, only the titles on offer will all be downloadable.

The company announced today the World Game Parade label. This label will bring top WiiWare games from around the world to Japan.

Four titles will lead the way this Spring:

  • Zombie in Wonderland: 3/2010, 800 WiiPoints
  • Bitman: 3/2010, 500 WiiPoints
  • Rakugaki Hero: 4/2010, 800 WiiPoints
  • Katamuki Spirits: 4/2010, 500 WiiPoints

The titles are known overseas as Zombie in Panic Wonderland, Bit Boy, Equilibrio and Max & the Magic Marker (thanks for the name corrections, GohanGVO!).

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