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Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada is on Twitter

Imperial Hot in 140 characters or less.


On February 7, a user named "yoichiw" appeared on Twitter.

Yoichiw? Could this possibly be Yoichi Wada? As Yoichi "Imperial Hot Square Enix CEO" Wada?

Initially, Yoichiw user made some pretty standard tweets about his follower count.

But then he started to refer to himself as a CEO. In one tweet, he said that the reason he'd waited so long to start using Twitter was because there are risks in using your real name on such a service. "It will be revealed that even though I'm a CEO, I can't speak English and that I'm not doing work."

Later posts seemed to suggest that Yoichiw was visiting the studio behind Batman Arkham Asylum, and later Hitman and Kane and Lynch studio IO Interactive. The person writing under the IOInteractive username is capable of writing Japanese, which surprised Yoichiw.

More recently, Yoichiw made a few posts about Last Remnant. You know, the multiplatform RPG that still hasn't been released on PS3. He said nothing about the PS3 version. Instead, he provided a surprisingly (given the character count limit) deep analysis of what was good and bad about the game.

So is "yoichiw" really Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada? ITmedia asked Square Enix and got an affirmative.

If you want to see what the CEO of Japan's biggest RPG maker (for now) has to say in 140 characters or less, add yourself to the at present 6,000 or so people following Yoichiw.

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