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New Pokemon Revealed for Next Pokemon Game

Newcomer Zoroark lends name to upcoming movie as well.


The latest issue of Coro Coro Comics has first details on Pokemon's recently announced fifth generation Pokemon title.

While the game is currently unnamed, the magazine has a look at two of the game's new Pokemon: Zorua and its evolved form Zoroark.

Zorua is a dark Pokemon of 0.7m height and 12.5kg weight. Zoroark grows to 1.6m height and 81.1kg.

Want additional details? Coro Coro says it's current investigating.

Zoroark appears to be a major player in the Pokemon world, as he lends his name to the upcoming Pokemon movie. Coro Coro reveals the name to be "Genei no Hasha Zoroark."

In addition to the new Pokemon reveals, Coro Coro recyced some of the gameplay details that Pokemon announced a couple of weeks back. The new games will feature major changes, with renewals in all areas. The setting will be new, but the region's name is still being kept under wraps.

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