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Lost Planet 2 Features Split Screen Offline Co-op

Capcom confirms offline play option via Resident Evil 5-style view.

Fighting giant AK beasts should be a blast in local co-op.

Producer Jun Takeuchi has in the past said that Capcom was hoping to get split screen offline co-op into Lost Planet 2. This week's Famitsu confirms that the feature will make it into the game.

Split screen supports two player play of the game's campaign mode. When played in this fashion, the individual game screens are staggered Resident Evil 5-style -- one player on the upper left, the other player on the lower right, with both screens maintaining their aspect ratios. A screenshot in Famitsu shows a map in the upper right side of the screen, but the lower left is empty.

Outside of this brief update on split screen play, Famitsu's report on Lost Planet 2 this week has a first look at three new Vitality Suits. Assuming Capcom's PR cycle is unaffected by the Thursday holiday, expect official online media of these new units to surface later this week.

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