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Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada VS Internet Memes

Which Yoichi Wada meme has Yoichi Wada heard of?


Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has a Twitter account. Let's view his Tweet log to see what he thinks about a couple of our favorite Wada-related memes.

Wada is often referred to as Imperial Hot. This apparently comes from the following image, which I always see at Kotaku (though I'm not sure if they're responsible for the meme).

The full podium text says "Imperial Hotel."

In a recent Tweet, Wada writes: "I've heard of 'Imperial Hot.' It sounds like a villain, though."

Current Score: Yoichi Wada 1, Yoichi Wada Memes 0.

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "meme" or not, but have you seen the Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children cover art that substitutes Tetsuya Nomura for Cloud and Wada for Sephiroth?

Wada says "All the FF games go to MS..." while Nomura says "I will protect Versus."

Twitter user Kazahane, a student from Kanagawa who likes minor RPGs (including, it seems, Resonance of Fate, which he played and cleared in 54 hours), asked Wada if he'd seen the image (he described it in detail in his question).

Wada's response was "No. What is that?"

But Wada later posted a link to a Twitpic post showing the image. This was followed by a post where he wrote, "That picture is from MS@E3, right? The stupid looking one with the arms wide open. Those were the directions from MS's stage staff!!"

Final Score: Yoichi Wada 1, Yoichi Wada Memes 1, MS Stage Staff 10.

Thank goodness for Twitter. Because if given the chance to actually interview Wada, you couldn't really ask him about "Imperial Hot."

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