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Resident Evil Alternative Edition's Lost in Nightmares has Classic RE Camera

Play with fixed cameras, just like the PlayStation original.

Jill and Chris will have a very Resident Evil-like experience in Lost in Nightmares.

Resident Evil 5 took some hints from its immediate predecessor, Resident Evil 4, and offered players a behind-the-back camera view. This was, of course, wildly different from the static camera system that was used in the early Resident Evil games.

With Alternative Edition (Gold Edition overseas), it looks like we'll be seeing a return for the classic camera system. No, Capcom hasn't reworked the full game for play via a static camera. Famitsu reports, however, that the game's new Lost in Nightmares scenario will offer players a classic RE-style camera system. You'll apparently be able to select to use this different camera system, although it's not yet clear how this is done.

The magazine shows a top-down view of a stairwell and chandelier, and a front view of a dining room with Chris and Jill running towards the camera. Both scenes look like they were ripped right out of the original Resident Evil.

Famitsu's review of AE (the game scored a 10 and three 9s) makes note of the high level of puzzle content for Lost in Nightmares. With this, the classic camera system, and the mansion setting, we can probably expect a nostalgic experience.

The Desperate Escape scenario doesn't see any major revelations in this week's issue of Famitsu. The magazine does note, however, that while roaming through the episode's dock area, you can push enemies out of fixed gun turrets and use the weapons for yourself.

Also shown in the magazine are profiles of the recent character unveils, Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton. Rebecca will be able to use a spray can to fight off foes in Mercenaries Reunion. She can apparently use the can for flame attacks. She also has a jump punch move. For Barry, the magazine shows the character's head butt and low kick moves. He's also adept with a variety of guns, including his Samurai Edge gun and a magnum.

Rebecca's spray can and Barry's head butt. Famitsu's print version has a shot where the spray can releases flames.

Finally, some details on how Alternative Edition works with RE5's save files. If you have an RE5 save file on your PS3, you'll be able to use the data to play Alternative Edition. Some of AE's content requires that you perform certain actions in the main RE5 game in order to unlock. If you've already performed these actions, AE will recognize this and give you access to the content from the start. You won't need to replay (although if you do want to replay, AE includes the full RE5, unaltered).

The download versions of Alternative Edition's new content also work with your current save data.

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