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Classic Dungeon Teams with 3D Dot Game Heroes

Retro overload in one week!


This is one collaboration that makes so much sense it couldn't possibly be real. But it is, and if you don't believe me, you can see this story written on Famitsu.com.

Nippon Ichi's upcoming PSP action RPG Classic Dungeon features retro-styled sprite visuals in classic 16-bit form. It looks like this:

From Software's PS3 action RPG 3D Dot Game Heroes features retro-styled sprite visuals, only the sprites are in 3D -- basically clumps of cubes. It looks like this:

So what happens when you combine all this retro? We'll find out shortly as From Software and Nippon Ichi make Classic Dungeon's cast of 10 characters available for download into 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Here's a sneak peak at the Classic Dungeon characters in 3D sprite form:

The Classic Dungeon characters fit right in.

As with other downloadable characters for 3D Dot Game Heroes, you'll be able to use the Classic Dungeon models as your in-game character.

The Classic Dungeon content will be distributed as part of round four of 3D Dot Game Heroes' DLC. Available on February 19 at ¥200, this pack also includes 14 original characters.

Classic Dungeon hits the PSP the day before, on the 18th.

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