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Dead Rising 2 Release Date Set

Capcom shares worldwide release info for PS3 and Xbox 360 and also unveils Xbox 360 exclusive download scenario.


Coinciding with Microsoft's X10 event in San Francisco today, Capcom shared final release information for Dead Rising 2.

The sequel to the Xbox 360 zombie hack and slasher will see worldwide simultaneous release on PS3 and Xbox 360. As usual, regions differ between shipping and in-store dates. Officially, North America gets the game on August 31 with Japan following on September 2 and Europe on September 3.

DR2 is still on track for PC release as well. That version's release time frame is still set for TBA 2010.

Prior to the release of DR2, Xbox 360 owners will have access to an exclusive downloadable prologue mission. Titled Dead Rising: Case Zero, this promises to connect the stories for DR1 and DR2, showing Chuck Green before he arrives in DR2's Fortune City. It's set in an exclusive area.

Final pricing and release information for the download scenario was not shared today.

At X10 event, Capcom had the Xbox 360 version of DR2 on demo, allowing attendees to sample the game's weapon combination system. Players can refer to Combo Cards to build new weapons out of current weapons.

By using modified weapons, players can earn greater "Prestige Points" (PP) than when killing off zombies through standard weapons. PP is connected to the game's experience system, which sees Chuck rise in level and gain access to new combo cards.

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