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Final Fantasy iPhone Control System Revealed

Square Enix adding on-screen d-pad and large battle command icons.


Square Enix shared a small sampling of media when it announced Final Fantasy 1 and 2 for iPhone last month. Now at long last, we can get a look at the new mobile versions in motion.

Visit Famitsu.com, and you'll see a one minute clip showing the two games in iPhone form. The footage was shared at "I Love iPhone x Apps," an event that was held yesterday at the Apple Store in Ginza.

In addition to this first ever video clip, Square Enix shared details on the game's control scheme. The control system offers an on-screen d-pad along with a dash button. The interface for selecting battle commands is all new for iPhone, with large icons at the bottom of the screen.

4gamer reports that the game's control scheme has been designed to reduce player stress by, for example, sorting magic commands in order of usage.

Square Enix also provided a slightly more specific release time frame for the game. Players can expect a release "before Spring." This presumably means within the next month or so.

See 4gamer's report for a general look at what was shown at the event. Tecmo was in attendance and showed off Zombie Recycling Inc: Moldy Green, which is set for release on 2/15. Konami showed Hyper Sports Winter, which hit the App Store today.

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