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Yakuza 4 Demo Planned

Nagoshi promises downloadable demo, but won't commit to time frame.


Sega is taking Yakuza 4 on a retail tour leading up to its March 18 release. That's all fine and dandy, but what if you don't have access to a game shop, or you're allergic to both sun and rain?

Director Toshihiro Nagoshi provided the answer today in a blog post: just wait, and a demo will come to you.

Nagoshi confirmed that a downloadable demo is being planned for the game. Unfortunately, this is all he would say. He said that he's unable to share a clear time frame for the demo's release due to the tightness of the main game's production schedule.

Yakuza 3 saw a similar promotional buildup, with a retail demo event followed by a downloadable demo. The downloadable demo came about a week prior to the final game's release.

Also in the blog post, Nagoshi revealed that commercials and retail promotional videos for the Yakuza 4 have been completed.

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