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Dream Club: The Pillow

When maid outfits, wedding dresses and preschool uniforms aren't enough.


Seeing them dance and prance in preschool uniforms wasn't enough for you. You just had to get your hands -- and maybe more -- around them.

Here's your chance for a more personal experience with the Dream Club hostesses:

That's Mian as she appears on the front and back of one of those full body pillows everyone is talking about.

Take your pick: looking bashful about the revealing maid outfit she's wearing (she's actually a bit tipsy), or looking like she's given up and is ready to let you have your way with her.

The drawings for this 150cm x 50cm pillow were created by character designer Haruyuki Morisawa.

Better check your wallet before buying. At ¥12,000, this pillow costs almost as much as the real thing (well, an hour with the real thing).

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