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Dead or Alive Paradise: Meet Hitomi

Plus, take the US and Japan box art challenge!


Our latest Dead or Alive Paradise update comes from two sources. From the Japanese side, we've got a close up profile of our third girl. From the US side, we've got some actual gameplay screens, along with a special Valentines Day greeting:

Hmm... maybe I should have posted this update earlier.

In a previous update, we went up close with Kasumi and Lisa. Today, karate master, and apparent DOA Paradise cover girl, Hitomi arrives at New Zack Island.

Here are Hitomi's stats:




[dt]Three Sizes[/dt][dd]B90/W58/H85cm[/dd]

[dt]Birthday[/dt][dd]May 25[/dd]


[dt]Blood Type[/dt][dd]O[/dd]



[dt]Favorite Color[/dt][dd]Sky Blue[/dd]

[dt]Voice[/dt][dd]Yui Horie[/dd]


Hitomi hears that the Dead or Alive fighting tournament will be held on New Zach Island. Hoping to avenge her loss in the previous tournament, she heads out to the island.

From Tecmo's US side, we get some screens showing off the beach volleyball play spot:

Looks like actual button-pressing gameplay!

Finally, some box shot comparisons showing boxes for the US and Japanese versions of the game. To the left, America. To the right, Japan.

Too much empty water and not enough Hitomi in the US one, if you ask me (and I know you didn't but I'm just saying).

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