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Yakuza 4 Teams with Pronto

Sega's marketing machine continues to be very predictable.


When Sega announced Yakuza 3's tie-up with restaurant/bar/cafe Pronto, it shared these two screenshots:

Today, Sega announced Yakuza 4's tie-up with restaurant/bar/cafe Pronto, and shared these two screenshots:

At least the content of the collaboration differs somewhat between the two titles.

Similar to the Yakuza 3 tie-up, Yakuza 4's tie-up will see a Pronto restaurant appear in the game. Kiryu and the three other heroes will be ale to buy food items at the shop to recover their health.

On the Pronto side of the campaign, real world Pronto shops will offer, from 3/1 through 4/30, an original pasta item called "Men's Pasta."

Pronto currently distributes a free paper titled "Pronto Pronto?" to patrons. Scan the QR Code on the front page of the paper, and you'll be able to enter into a drawing for a "Legendary Pasta Platter." Only 100 of these will be given out.

Yakuza 4, properly known here as Ryu ga Gotoku 4, hits on March 18. If Sega's marketing mimics that of Yakuza 3 (and it has thus far), expect to hear about more collaborations before release.

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