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Kojima Productions is on Twitter

Find out what Hideo Kojima is having for dinner.


Your Metal Gear Solid (and Z.O.E sequel... yeah huh) production team Kojima Productions has joined Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada on Twitter.

Writes Kojipro PRer Kenichiro Imaizumi at the Kojima Productions blog, "Interested parties should check Twitter account @yoichiw... err, @kojima_pro!"

The Kojima Productions Twitter account has actually been live for many months now. But in the blog post, Imaizumi says that they've started "volcanic activity" on the account. "When will it erupt?" asks Imaizumi.

The Twitter feed often provides links to Twitpics showing the inside of the Kojima Productions development labs.

For instance, a programmers meeting:

And a meeting of the much cuter marketing team:

Hideo Kojima provides occasional dinner updates:

I didn't see any actual development secrets in the Twitter feed. But I did see a link from earlier this month to a Lawsons Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker bonus item.

Reserve Peace Walker from convenience store Lawsons, and you'll get two unlock keys. One is for a character sporting a Lawsons t-shirt. According to the listing, this can be put on other characters as well when heading out on a mission. The other key unlocks the "Stealth Gun" co-op exclusive weapon.

Peace Walker hits on April 29, presumably after the Kojima Productions Twitter has erupted.

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