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CyberFront Masters Faceplate Design in New Bonus Item

Watch where you stick those memory cards!


Faceplate designers (I'm looking at you, FFXIII character designer Tetsuya Nomura!), this is how it's done:

That's the bonus faceplate sticker that CyberFront is including for those who pre-order Akatsuki no Amaneka to Aoi Kyojin, which hits on March 11.

It's just a sticker, but people will still ask questions.

The PSP version's bonus sticker (yes, this is a rare cross platform PSP and Xbox 360 love sim) isn't quite as offensive, presumably because people will see you playing it on a train.

The box arts for the games and their various limited editions aren't offensive at all. Or are they?

Here are the standard and limited editions along with the limited edition artwork by itself:

Limited version to the left.
Limited version to the left
Xbox 360 (left), PSP (right)

Those limited editions include a soundtrack CD and a special booklet. The booklets have some differences depending on the version of the game that you buy.

Shared pages from the bonus booklet.
The X360-only version of the booklet (Ver.X)
The PSP-only version of the booklet (Ver.P)

Notice how the covers of the PSP and 360 bonus booklets match the covers of the opposing version's limited edition? CyberFront knows its fan service!

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