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Get Up to Date on Etrian Odyssey III With This New Trailer

Ocean mapping, multiplayer and more shown in latest clip.


In case you haven't been keeping up with Etrian Odyssey III, this newly released trailer should get you up to speed quickly.


The trailer, narrated by voice actress Maya Sakamoto, briefs us on the game's background story involving an ancient civilization that disappeared into the sea. It then details the various aspects of the game that Atlus has been gradually doling out since its announcement, including the new jobs, the battle system, and the mapping system.

Etrian Odyssey III has two types of mapping. Just like in past Etrian Odyssey games, you create your own maps as you work through 3D dungeons. But new for part III is a sea mapping system, where you build up a map of the waters surrounding the setting of Amroad. As you advance in your map creation, you'll end up taking on special Sea Quests.

In addition to the ocean mapping system, the trailer also has a look at the game's multiplayer and wireless components. Etrian Odyssey III supports five player cooperative play. Surechigai support is included as well, allowing you to trade items and guild cards with friends.

Etrian Oddyssey III was originally scheduled for March 4 release, but was delayed late last month to April 1.

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