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Namco Bandai Limits Gundam Assault Survive Demo Downloads

Only 100,000 can access demo on PSN.

Gundam Assault Survive hits on March 18.

Namco Bandai has a somewhat unique distribution method in place for its Gundam Assault Survive demo. The demo will be released tomorrow at noon, but only 100,000 PSP owners will be able to download it. After that, the demo will be pulled.

Until the following day, that is, when it becomes available for download again without any limitations. Well, just one limitation. Instead of PSN, the demo's second offering will be through the game's official site (yes, the site does look like Famitsu.com).

Is Namco Bandai trying to get players to rush to download the demo with the threat of 24 hours additional wait time if they're too late? Or is there some secret cost cutting hanky panky going on here?

No matter how you get it, the demo will offer a sampling of the new pilot creation tool along with sections of Uchuu Seiki, Seed, and OO missions. You'll also get to try out three player ad-hoc cooperative play.

While you won't be able to carry your save data over, Namco Bandai is also promising something special for those who have a demo save file when starting play on the final version. You'll definitely want to get this demo, either as one of the 100,000 lucky many via PSN, or through the official site.

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