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Dragon Quest IX Ultimate Hits Gets Special Bonus Item

Battle Road players gain access to main character... from Dragon Quest III.


Most budget re-releases are just the original version of the game repackaged as ugly as possible in order to shame buyers for not having enough money to buy games full priced. But Dragon Quest IX is no ordinary game, and will thus not be getting the standard treatment for its budget re-release.

Square Enix announced today that the first print run of DQIX's upcoming Ultimate Hits version, due out on March 4, will include a special card for use in arcade title Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road II Legend.

The card has nothing to do with DQIX, though. The "Legend Hero" card shows Dragon Quest III's hero. Scan the card into the Battle Road unit, and you'll get to play as the DQIII character.

This is actually the second time Square Enix has paired Battle Road with a home DQ game. Dragon Quest VI, released on January 28, also included a card.

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