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Dante's Ramen Will Turn Your Mouth Into an Inferno

There are many puns in this headline.


Dante's Inferno hits the PS3 and Xbox 360 today. There's no Super Bowl here in Japan, but Electronic Arts has still found a way to make you scratch your head with the game's promotions.

The multiplatform wannabe God of War is being promoted in part with this:

The guy playing Dante is Dante Carver. No, Electronic Arts didn't just find some random dude named Dante to help make the promotion "clever." Carver is well known here as one of the main spokespersons for cell phone carrier Softbank.

(If you read this site frequently, you'll know that I want to punch Carver in the face because his star status gets him close to my future wives Aya Ueto and Akina).

In the poster, Dante is holding a copy of the PS3 Dante's Inferno in one hand. In the other, he's holding... a bowl of ramen?

That's actually Dante's Ramen, a promotional ramen dish from ramen chain Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto. The ¥700 ramen will be available from today through March 20.

In addition to a red look, brought about by a tomato-base soup and an eye made from paprika, the ramen comes in a Dante's Inferno-themed bowl. Inside the bowl, you'll find the phrase "Drink it all!" along with nine red rings representing the nine circles of hell. The rings are marked with Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, and the like to remind you of how bad you are.

You can see Dante, Carver edition, descend into ramen hell in 4gamer's coverage of the Dante's Inferno launch event from the Shibuya branch of Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto.

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