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Check out the After Burner Climax Trailer

Plus, get the latest from the Climax blog.


Sega hasn't been exactly flooding the Japanese press with After Burner Climax news and media. Which is why today's small update of screenshots and a sweet little trailer was such a pleasant surprise.

View the trailer here. It's short at under 50 seconds, but packed with high speed action.


There have been a few bits and pieces on the game shared at the official blog over the past few weeks.

In one post last month, producer Toru Murayama revealed that the game will not have online cooperative play. The staff decided to hold off on this feature after holding various discussions with the original arcade team and other parties.

The post also provided a look at the game's options screen:

From top to bottom, the various options are:

  • BGM Volume
  • Sound Effect Volume
  • Voice Volume
  • Auto Save
  • Rumble
  • Up/Down Controls
  • Left/Right Controls
  • Movement Control Sensitivity
  • Difficulty

The unlockable "EX Options" are featured in a separate menu.

If you're interested in non gameplay shots, here's one Murayama shared of the stage results screen:

In another post, Murayama commented on the leak that took place prior to Climax's official announcement courtesy of an overseas ratings board. He actually denied that this was a leak. Rather, the game became known due to how the ratings system works.

The reason he was commenting on the leak was because it had taken place overseas, leaving many Japanese players to wonder initially if the game would see Japanese release.

In a more recent post, Murayama confirmed that Climax's appearance at next week's Xbox 360 Shooting Festa event will be in a playable state. The game will be available on four kiosks.

He added "It would be nice if we could finalize the release date around the time of the event." Perhaps this is a hint at a surprise announcement.

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