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One Last Resident Evil Gold Edition Trailer

Plus, director Yasuhiro Anpo explains the fundamental concept for the new episodes.


Resident Evil Gold Edition is now in stores for PlayStation 3 (under the Japanese name of Alternative Edition, of course). But if you're still not fully convinced about a possible purchase, Capcom shared one last trailer today.

Different from past clips, which focused on the new scenarios or the Mercenaries Reunion mode, this trailer provides a look at the main Resident Evil 5 scenario -- the same scenario that PS3 and 360 owners have been playing since last year. Only something's different about Chris and Sheva.

See if you can spot the change:


This trailer was joined by an update today at the RE5 Gold Edition developers blog. This time, director Yashihiro Anpo discussed the concept behind the two scenarios that have been added for Gold Edition.

Lost in Nightmares provides the gothic horror-like atmosphere of Resident Evil 1.

Desperate Escape offers a Resident Evil 5-like intense action co-op experience.

"The fundamental concept for the episodes," said Anpo, "is fan service." The Resident Evil series has been able to continue for so long both due to the fans who've been with the series since the start, and to the relatively new fans, explained Anpo. By offering scenarios at the opposite ends of the series' spectrum, the staff hoped to reach a wide group.

Both scenarios have a common point. You'll find some changing elements each time you play, including different enemy positions, different enemy types, and different weapon locations. These were implemented in order to add to the replay value.

Anpo also noted that the the play time for the episodes has been set to be both not too long and not too short.

As usual, you'll find a commemorative wallpaper at the official blog. This one shows Jill and Chris sneaking into the Lost in Nightmares mansion.

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