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3D Metal Gear Arcade Debuts at AOU

Konami instantly makes upcoming arcade show worth attending.


Wondering what ever happened to Metal Gear Arcade? It's still on the way. In fact, it's about to go playable!

First announced at E3 2009, all went quiet on Metal Gear Arcade until today when Konami announced a playable showing for the game at this weekend's AOU Expo. This will be the first playable outing for the game.

Metal Gear Arcade offers a true 3D play experience, with players sporting special goggles in order to play. In addition to making the gameplay pop out, the goggle unit serves as a head tracker, allowing you to make the screen scroll, set your target, and direct your movement by simply moving your head.

Konami originally announced the title as being based off PlayStation 3's Metal Gear Online but with the addition of "plus alpha" content. The game was originally scheduled for release last year.

In its confirmation of the AOU showing today, Konami noted that the game will be supporting multiplayer play both locally between cabinets and nationwide via Online. Players will be able to make use of voice chat to communicate with team members.

AOU will be held for the general public on Saturday, the 20th. The show will be open in advance for press and business partners on the 19th. The location is the usual Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo.

Those who are unable to make it out to AOU will want to check the Metal Gear Arcade official site, which will be updated with a movie.

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