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New PSP Monster Hunter Goes Playable Next Month

A few lucky gamers get an early chance at Monster Hunter Diary.


There are some rumors floating about that Monster Hunter Portable 3 is coming soon for PSP. But before that, another PSP Monster Hunter game is gearing up for its playable debut.

Capcom shared details today on a demo event for Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Airu Village. A select few players will be able to sample the PSP spinoff on the evening of March 16 at an event space in Tokyo's Minato Ward.

In addition to playing the game, attendees will get to have their picture taken with the Airu mascot character. All attendees will walk home with a special gift.

Capcom hasn't been too forthcoming with information on Monster Hunter Diary since its announcement late last year.

You'll need to be member of the Monster Hunter Club to enter your name into the drawing for slots. Names are being accepted through the 24th.

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