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Sega's Ringwide Arcade Board Gets a Fighter

New Virtua Fighter? Nope. Try new Melty Blood.


The first fighter for Sega's latest line of arcade hardware doesn't have "Virtua Fighter" in the title. This is your first Ringwide fighting game:

As one of the big new features for fighting sequel Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Ecole makes note of the game's use of the Ringwide board. Previously, the game ran on Sega's Dreamcast arcade counterpart, the Naomi board.

The new Ringwide version promises new characters, improved balance (hence the name "Current Code"), full voice for the scenario sequences, and additional artwork. You can see the full specifications at the official site.

This new Melty Blood game will be on display in the Sega booth at the AOU amusement expo this weekend. Club Sega in Akihabara will also host a location test on Friday and Saturday.

A release is set for Spring 2010.

Ringwide is one of two Sega arcade boards in the "Ring" series. It's meant to be a low cost arcade solution. The next Virtua Fighter game would more likely run on the more powerful Ringedge board, which is currently used for the more advanced games like Border Break.

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