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Idol Master Gets Tales of Vesperia Costumes

Dress like Vesperia's Estel in PSP Idol Master game.


Idol Master has lent costumes to the Tales series. Now it's time for the favor to be returned.

Round 13 of Idol Master SP's download content includes three pieces of content from Tales of Vesperia. If you part with your hard earned yen, you'll be able to dress your girls up like Vesperia's Estel while accessorizing with Estel's rod weapon and Queen of Hearts shield.

The costume runs ¥1,000, with the accessories going for ¥200 each.

Also in the upcoming download content batch is a new ¥150 song called "i." Players will also have access to a ¥500 Idoler episode called President Takaki's Murder Incident.

The February download catalogue hits on February 24.

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