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Project Diva Arcade Playtest

Hatsune Miku gets her very own arcade game. Yes, this was Sega's biggest playable title at AOU.


Hatsune Miku is unstoppable. Following a PSP debut, the virtual idol is receiving her own arcade game, courtesy of Sega. We had the chance to check out Project Diva Arcade at this years AOU Amusement Expo.

Sega was introducing the game to audiences with a mind-blowing trailer on a glasses free 3D screen. When we first set eyes on the 3D Miku, we thought it was some kind of creepy robot. Unfortunately, the actual game has nothing to do with 3D tech.

Played on a Pop’n Music like controller with four buttons, Project Diva challenges players to follow visual cues and tap to rhythm of the music. Unlike traditional rhythm games, the visual cues don’t flow down some kind of line, instead they appear in various places across the screen in such a manner that they highlight whatever cute dance Miku is doing at the time. Too many missed cues and the on screen life bar will reach zero and it’s game over.

Stylish visuals for the menus.
The game screen looks similar to the PSP Project Diva.

In addition to a selection of pro music, the game will feature five fan produced Vocoloid songs from a Nico Nico Douga competition that was held back in October. While Sega tried to play up this “consumer generated media,” the game features no such content beyond those songs.

Players will be able to keep track of their scores via an IC card or cell phone. Successful players will earn “Vocoloid Points” and can use them to get music. How this music will be distributed was not made clear.

Dress up your own customized Hatsune Miku.

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