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Date Set for BlazBlue Continuum Shift

Arc announces final release details and also details a limited edition.

Cosplay from last year's Blue Fes event.

Arc System Works announced a home version of BlazBlue Continuum Shift just a couple of weeks back, but left out release information. That information came today at the Blue Fes Spring Raid event in Shinagawa.

As reported at Dengeki Online, the big news announcement from the event was a final release date for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Continuum Shift. Players can look forward to the updated port on July 1. Pricing is set at ¥7,140.

Continuum Shift is an arcade followup to the original BlazBlue. As announced a couple of weeks back, the home version makes the arcade version's u-12 character playable and also adds, among other modes, a tutorial mode for beginners.

"Blue Fes" is a BlazBlue fan event where attendees get to view a live recording of the BlazBlue "Bururaji" podcast. Arc held one last year too. This year's event saw appearances by BlazBlue voice actors like Tomokazu Sugita, Kanako Kondo and, of course, Asami Imai.

The date announcement came in the latter half of the event from producer Toshimichi Mori and sound producer Daisuke Ishiwatari. In addition to the date, the producers mentioned some of the features of the home version, including new characters, stages and modes. The game has double the animated sequences over the original. The challenge mode, which targets mid to high level player has over 300 challenges. The original's story mode is back for the sequel, featuring over 28 stories.

A limited edition was also announced at the event. This will come bundled with such items as a visual book and a Noel Nendroid figure. Pricing for the bundle is set at ¥9,660.

See Dengeki for a look at the event.

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