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Virtua Fighter 5 Director on Final Showdown

Katagiri promises ultimate form of VF5 for latest revision.


Sega's AOU announcement of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown came without any solid details on what's due for the new version. A few days later and, even after lots and lots of reports from the pro Japanese sites, there's still nothing solid on the game.

But director Daiichi Katagiri provides some hints in a quote posted by Impress Watch in its coverage of the event. The quote reads as follows:

"Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown will of course have skill additions and renewals. But we're also rethinking and reworking all areas of the gameplay systems. As for items, we won't be stopping at just more of the additions we've had until now, but will be trying out new things.

"For you who thinks 'Won't this be a version up of similar fashion to the past!?' we'll be going against your expectations -- in a good way! We're in full production with the aim of creating what can be called, in all ways, the ultimate form of Virtua Fighter 5. There's still a lot to share with everyone, but we'd like you to view this promotion video for now."

Sega's AOU trailer didn't show any actual gameplay.
Final Showdown is the latest major revision for VF5 following Virtua Fighter 5 R.

In case you missed it last week, you can view that trailer here.

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