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Tales of Graces Recall Official

Namco Bandai comes clean on large list of bugs plaguing last year's big Wii RPG.


Namco Bandai at long last came clean today on the rather large set of bugs that players have encountered in Tales of Graces.

In a post at its corporate site, the company lists 10 bugs, many of which were discovered by fans following the Wii RPG's release in December.

As reported early today at the Sinobi retailer blog, players will be able to obtain replacement discs. The discs fix the 10 problems listed in the post.

Specifics on the replacement program will be announced in the future. However, the post notes that the replacement will not be done through retailers. Instead, Namco Bandai will use a service called "Hikitoribin," where a delivery person delivers the new disc to the player and takes the old disc in exchange.

In the post, Namco Bandai issued apology for the problems and promised to increase its quality control in the future.

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