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Yakuza 4 Teams with Matsuya

Sega continues beef bowl promotion, only this time with curry!


Wasn't this announced before? Because I swear I already that not only was Yakuza 4 collaborating with beef bowl chain Matsuya, but that the real world Matsuya side of the collaboration would feature an original curry.

Whatever the case, here's the promotion Sega formally announced today for Yakuza 4.

Sega is teaming with Matsuya Foods for the third time in the Yakuza series. Following tie-ups for Yakuza 2 and Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4 will get a bit of added reality with an in-game Matsuya shop which the game's four heroes can visit in order to clog their arteries and recover their health.

On the real side of the collaboration, Matsuya will be offering a package curry called "Matsuya X Ryu ga Gotoku Original Curry" for sale via its online sales site. This will run ¥300 a pack and will be available starting March 18. The curry features a "secret spice" that gives it punch. The Yakuza development staff decided upon the taste for themselves through a product sampling.

Visitors to Matsuya restaurants will have a chance to win a pack of this special promotional curry. Starting March 18, some tickets dispensed from the shops' vending machines (at Matsuya, you select your meal from a vending machine and hand the dispensed ticket to the host) will have a "win" mark. The lucky few who get these tickets will be given a Yakuza curry pack on the spot.

Sega says that those who desire more details should ask a Matsuya staff member.

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